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Mulch Available in Chantilly, VA

At McLean Wood Products, we offer different types of mulch in Chantilly. We have double-shredded bulk hardwood mulch to commercial customers and homeowners.

Double-shredded bulk hardwood mulch is ideal for enhancing your landscape projects, conserving soil moisture, reducing weed growth, and improving the health of your soil.

Karpet mulch, also known as playground mulch, is a soft and fine textured mulch. It is ideal for playground areas and yards where children play.



We offer FREE delivery in the Washington Metropolitan Area on all hardwood bulk mulch orders.

Contact Us today to place your order.



Some of our Hardwood mulch in Chantilly, VA
Hardwood Mulch

Double-Shredded Bulk Hardwood Mulch/Chips

Karpet Mulch
Karpet Mulch

Karpet Mulch